Hello, I am Erik Guilfoyle

Application Development - Design, Program, Launch

I have a passion for overcoming challenges in game and application development. I began working in interactive media development in 1999 developing websites and other interactive media. Shortly thereafter I discovered game modifications resulting in my creation of a large community of modders as well as the authoring of two books for the Wiley Publishing For Dummies series. I encouraged my partner to start a small development studio in 2006 within which I have since personally developed several applications and games for various platforms and handled through management several more.

Personal Info

  • NameErik Guilfoyle
  • Date of BirthMay 24, 1970
  • e-mailfoyleman@gmail.com
  • Address52 Bay Shore Drive, Toms River, NJ 08753
  • Phone732-835-8835


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Work Experience

  • Silas Solutions LLC
    January - June 2017, Continued Consult

    Senior Developer, Lead Developer/Programmer
    After creating a successful desktop educational title for Silas Solutions LLC, I was asked to lead the development efforts for a browser-based version of the application. This included a web portal, product purchase and licensing as well as development of the revised product. I was able to retain my full duties with Mission Critical Studios during these ongoing efforts. Upon release of the product in June 2017, I continued as a consultant performing regular updates and on-site calls to further the product's life-cycle and performance.

  • Mission Critical Studios LLC
    March 2008 - Currently Employed

    Lead Programmer
    Co-founder of Mission Critical Studios with the purpose to develop games and interactive applications. Mission Critical is an indie studio with skills to develop and ship from start to finish on multiple platforms. I have developed over 20 games and applications and overseen the development of 20 more. I am responsible for managing, programming and publishing be it hands on or through a team.

  • Tres Media Group Inc
    January 1998 - Currently Employed

    Vice President and Partner
    Tres Media Group has a strong presence in the medical animation field creating 3D animations and MOAs for top medical corporations and advertising agencies. I am responsible for managing related programming tasks as well as the nearly 500 websites we’ve handled over the years ranging from concept to design to development. I developed in-house programs that became an integral part of our web sales and development including a modular Content Management System, Mailer System and Indexing and Tracking System.

  • Wiley Publishing Inc
    December 2005 - January 2007

    I authored Quake 4 Mods For Dummies and Half-Life 2 Mods For Dummies by the request of Wiley Publishing. Half-Life 2 Mods For Dummies is currently used by Rider University to teach an introductory course to game development where I've also had the pleasure of speaking to the students.

  • MODSonline LLC
    January 2001 - Currently Employed

    I created MODSonline as an educational community website teaching and helping over 130,000 registered members with the modification of existing games including but not limited to Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, Crysis, Quake, Half-Life, Doom and Soldier of Fortune. I developed the site, created most of the video tutorials and manage its daily aspects along with a small team of fellow enthusiasts. A weekly podcast with nearly 500 weeks of video and audio spawned from this endeavor. MODSonair aired live on Twitch and other networks discussing the week in gaming news.

  • Guilfoyle Associates
    January 2005 - Currently Employed

    Tax Preparation and Partner
    I prepare and review personal income tax returns for over 250 clients in a private family practice specializing in clergy.


  • Unity versions 1.6 through current: PC, Mac, Browser, WebGL, WebAssembly, iOS, Android 99%

  • Unreal version 3 through current: PC, Mac, Blueprints 99%

  • Game and App: C#, Visual Studio, Android Studio, JavaScript, HTML 5, Radiant, PhotoShop, Sonar, Perforce, Git 99%

  • Web: PHP, MySQL, SQLite, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, HTML, CSS, LAMP 99%

  • Server Administration (Apache, WHM, cPanel, Telnet, Linux, AWS, IoT) 95%

  • Unity for Console, C++, Porting, Development Continuance, Hammer, ActionScript, Premiere, After Effects, Flash 80%

  • CryEngine, Lightwave 65%


  • Client Interaction
  • Proposals and Documents
  • Designing

  • Programming

  • Schedules and Deadlines

  • Team Management


  • Monmouth University
    1988 - 1992

    Four and half years of study in Finance. Leadership roles in Tau Kappa Epsilon. Several late night gigs with various bands.


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Here are some of the applications I’ve had the honor to create and work on.

Counting Change (VR) 2024

Montezuma’s Revenge 40th Anniversary (PC) 2024

You read that right. This is an authorized edition of Montezuma’s Revenge, the 1980’s hit classic game now in 3D.

ViralCombat (Mobile) 2024

This is a classic and it has been rebuilt using the latest Unity engine. Based on our original Dr Nano game from 2010, we completely rebuilt the models, environments and programming to release this version for a university study.

Fruit vs Vegs (PC, VR) 2023

A collection of games as played by Fruit or Vegetable.

Battle Stations: Blockade (PC, Switch, Playstation, Xbox) 2023

Arm the turrets and take aim as you take command of a gunboat in dangerous waters! Battle Stations Blockade is an intense 3D rail shooter presented in voxel style.

Foresight (PC, Steam) 2021 to current

When scientists resumed their Unified Field Theory experiments this time they succeeded- with devastating consequences. You are trapped on a desolate Lunar Base with only your wits, real world astronaut weapons and a heads up display to give you instructions.

Broken Scale (Mobile) 2021

One of many new hypercasual game concepts we have prototyped

Deception Detection (Mobile) 2021

First Term Survivor (Mobile) 2020

There are unwritten rules for how to succeed in college.

An unwritten family rule: “Don’t sit in grandpa’s chair!” An unwritten college rule: “Read the syllabus!” The unwritten rules are mostly about the not-so-little stuff that makes life much easier: managing money, balancing a social life, managing classes, and asking big questions.

Players of First Term Survivor make decisions and solve problems that predict their Odds of Surviving (OoS) the first semester. Gameplay takes about 45 minutes and maps the 16 weeks of a typical semester. You can replay, make different decisions, and earn a different OoS.

Reckless RC Cars (Mobile) 2019


In “Trapped: VR Detective Story,” players see where the girl is being held and interact with objects to find out how and why she became a victim. Through the experience, players will learn the average age for a child victim is between 11 and 15. They’ll also learn who is most vulnerable to being trafficked — anyone. Anywhere. From any background.

Bear-A-Chute (Mobile, Browser) 2018

LOLOL (Mobile) 2018

Trapped (VR) 2019


In “Trapped: VR Detective Story,” players see where the girl is being held and interact with objects to find out how and why she became a victim. Through the experience, players will learn the average age for a child victim is between 11 and 15. They’ll also learn who is most vulnerable to being trafficked — anyone. Anywhere. From any background.

Skyheart Tower (mobile) 2019


SkyHeart Tower is where realism meets fun. This game puts you in control of one of America’s busiest airports. As an air traffic controller you are tasked with the responsibility of controlling over 100 gates and 3 busy runways. We aim to replicate the real world operations of EWR, and with confidence, we can say we have done so with over 90% being replicated in the game.
Features include:
-winter ops
-aircraft deicing
-holdover times
-runway snow plowing
-EDCT’s- Expected departure clearance times
-real world taxi routes
-holding points
-runway inspections
-super-tug relocation ops
– multiple camera views
-parallel and intersecting runway ops
-Circle to land ops
You can adjust arrival rates to match your expertise level and then increase it to challenge yourself towards become a true expert air traffic controller.
Created by a real world airline pilot, so expect the best!

NutGrab (mobile) 2018


The best endless runner game on the market. In this game you play as the coolest little squirrel around. You will run across powerlines trying not to get hit by birds or get shocked! You will also run across land avoding getting caught by the Farmer and his squad of furry buddies. You have to be quick and have the reflex of a squirrel to grab those nuts! Do you have what it takes?

Inspired (mobile) 2018

2018-08-06 08.08.07
2018-08-06 08.08.25
2018-08-06 08.08.32
2018-08-06 08.08.41

This client needed a project professionally completed in a short amount of time as their grant neared its deadline. Inspired is a smoking cessation application/game that ties into the use of a device that can track the amount of CO expelled from a persons lungs. This means accurate tracking of smoking habits providing a basis for reward during periods of cessation. Users are verified via face and periocular identity. The project was developed in Unity for Android and IOS and the website via Visual Studio for the purpose of keeping everything language similar.

SiLAS (browser, VR) 2017 to current


After having developed a successful stand-alone educational game for children (see below), I was asked to lead development of a browser-based version of the same title. This included a web portal, user licensing and revised application intended for use by entire school districts as well as individual teachers. This application was developed with a virtual reality product to come in the near future.

SiLAS (desktop) 2014 to current


SiLAS has a multitude of applications specific to teaching individual speech and language skills. SiLAS promotes interest in learning and provides students with the visual and auditory feedback they need to store those skills in long term memory. Most importantly SiLAS provides students with the opportunity to correct their own answers and assess their own performance. Overall, we have observed a significant increase interest in technology based programs in the field of speech and language pathology.

The application allows a teacher to guide up to four students through an interactive, game-like experience. The students get to control their character in a virtual environment recording live audio with lip syncing and produce a video that is saved to the computer.


BotBand (browser and desktop) 2010-2011, 2012-2013, 2015-2017
A client asked us to create a web-based application that would allow users to create a song, a band and subsequently a music video. Taking his design elements, we created that application. Over time, the application evolved to a much higher state, moved to a desktop application and includes video editing and a full multi-track audio editor. Custom avatars allow you to create your band. Design your stage with various features. Play video in the background of the stage and add other stage flare. It is a full featured application still evolving today.

InnerVerse (PC) 2016-2017
In development for PC and console, this action/adventure game shrinks you down and takes you into the human body. There you must find out what is wrong with your patient and battle what gets in your way. This fantastic voyage will make you feel small to the world but make you feel like a hero in telling a great science fiction story.

Sky Drone Racer (PC) 2016
This was an internal project capitalizing on the emerging interest in drone racing. Mission Critical Studios developed two different prototypes showcasing an arcade style of drone racing like that of Need for Speed with an added fight element. Controls and options were close to that of a simulation. A second version of the game was developed based on real-life drone race courses with that was less sim-like and more race.

YWHealingSpace (mobile) 2015-2016

2015-10-13 17.32.19

YWCA Bergen County’s healingSPACE is Bergen County’s designated sexual violence resource center providing support services to survivors of sexual violence. This app helps users connect to our 24 hour confidential hotline to speak to a live confidential advocate about anything pertaining to sexual violence. The app also allows users to store up to 5 emergency contacts of friends or family to reach out to for help. Local, state, and national sexual violence resources are provided to users linking them to their respective websites and information. Important information on what to do if someone was sexually assaulted in Bergen County is also provided.


MayPac (mobile) 2015-2016
Following in the footsteps of the classic game Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!, this classic throwback of a boxing game is one in which the user will attempt to score as many points as possible.


ViralCombat (mobile) 2015-2016
Larry Brown, MD, and Laura Whiteley, MD of Bradley/Hasbro Research Center in Rhode Island contacted me to have our existing Dr. Nano game revised to fit their medical study in encouraging gay men to take their HIV medication and use condoms.

Conference House Park (mobile, VR/AR) 2016


A great way to be able to take a walking tour of a facility. Follow where you are on a map. Have a personal avatar tell you about where you are standing and what you are seeing. And at key points along the tour, pick up your device and virtually see what it used to look like around you. This Artificial Reality (or merged reality) app is all this and more.

Nutrition in the Fast Lane (iPad) 2015

Screenshot 2015-10-08 15.17.45
Screenshot 2015-10-08 15.17.56
Screenshot 2015-10-08 15.18.04

Have you ever wanted to know the calories of items on the menu of your favorite fast food restaurant? This is a handy application that has your restaurant’s menu and all the nutritional information about what’s on it. This app was developed with multi-lingual support.


VisiSpec (mobile, VR/AR) 2015

visispec (2)
visispec (3)
visispec (9)
visispec (1)

Imagine walking up to an engine, water pump or server blade that isn’t working correctly. You pull out your mobile device and scan it with your VisiSpec app. The app searches its database and pulls up a virtual model of what you just scanned that you can spin and examine. You can tap a part on the model and see how it is taken apart to reassembled. You can look for possible causes to why the item isn’t working correctly and… you, who previously didn’t know much about the scanned part… can now follow step-by-step visual instruction and fix it yourself. You have now just imagined what this app can already do.

Stand Up, Speak Up (browser) 2014-2015
The National Health Promotion Associates, Inc. contracted an edutainment title for the browser to teach children how to recognizes and stop bullying. Three different scenarios were developed taking place in a school gym, hallway and computer classroom. After playing a mini-game, acted scenarios play out with intermittent quizzes.

Crab Cakes Rescue (Steam, Nintendo, Vita, mobile) 2013-2015
Crab Cakes Rescue is a wacky puzzle game unlike any other. Find unlikely paths through nearly 100 zany levels by shedding your shell and building blocks where obstacles occur!


MEA (iPad) 2014-2015

Screenshot 2015-10-08 15.07.07
Screenshot 2015-10-08 15.13.43

Developed for Publicis Life Brands and very similar to MAPP, this application was developed more specifically for conferences and meetings within the company. No longer do employees need to carry books and papers but rather just their iPad. Walk into a conference, sync with the server and for each presentation on stage, they have on hand all the video, audio and documentation.

Additionally we included a live chat that allowed the user to directly communicate with a server administrator to relay questions or concerns about the application or content within. If the user had a question about how to access a certain part of the application, they could utilize this live chat to immediately ask. Server-side, the admin could easily respond and ask for application logs to verify operation.

Gilotrif “My Treatment” (mobile) 2014-2015

2015-10-08 15.39.23
2015-10-08 15.39.27
2015-10-08 15.39.32
2015-10-08 15.39.50

Boehringer Ingelheim contracted an application specific to their medication that allowed consumers to track their administration of the tablet. Customers could keep track of the taking of their medication in a diary, track their moods, have doctor contacts on hand and review any and all related information related to the drug. This became a tool not just for the patient, but also for the patient’s doctor.

Frantic Freddy (mobile) 2014-2015
Frantic Freddy is a game about a guy who’s fear of bugs has driven him crazy. Seeing bugs come at him, he has to stomp and squish them before they bite him in this increasingly difficult platformer. The animation for this game was created in house using two Xbox kinect cameras and software to track a person.


ABC TheO (mobile) 2013-2014

Active ABCs app page 1

I met with Rick Malagodi, CEO of Physical Apps, while at the GDC conference in 2012. He showed me his ball which acted like a case for a mobile device that can be thrown around. He told me he was looking for apps that would work with the ball.
A few weeks later he contacted me looking for an ABC children’s application for the iPhone.

MAPP (iPad) 2014
Developed for Boehringer Ingelheim, this application allows pharmaceutical representatives have all the tools they need on hand to learn about the products they are selling and to show their clients those details when needed. This application synchronizes with a server to keep all PDFs and other data on a tablet. Add a client, assign related documents and the representative is ready to walk into a meeting with all the information they need about a product or products.

The project required the creation of both the application and the server with which assets would wirelessly synchronize. A level of optimization was required that could allow hundreds of clients to synchronize hundreds of files simultaneously.

Nexterra Space Simulator (desktop) 2014

Screenshot 2015-10-08 15.40.22
Screenshot 2015-10-08 15.40.04
Screenshot 2015-10-08 15.41.41

Nexterra Foundation Inc. is a Physical And Earth Sciences Research Institute in Millerton, New York. They requested I develop a desktop application for Mac that maps out stars and planets within a 10 parsec distance. Approximately 340 objects spin in real time and represent realistic size and distance. Tap on one to view details. zoom in to see characteristics and zoom out to see the universe as a whole.

AirHogs (mobile) 2012, 2013

2015-10-08 15.49.57
2015-10-08 15.51.51

This App is designed to be used in conjunction with the Heli Replay from Air Hogs as well as the AppCopter from Appfinity. Follow the link to find out more: http://www.airhogs.com/en/products/heli-replay

Fly, record, and playback your flight path with the all-new Heli Replay! With 3 ways to fly, you control the aerial action. Download the free app and start flying straight from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Use onscreen controls to fly the Replay, or activate the gyroscope and tilt your phone in the direction you want to fly! The helicopter’s onboard electronic stabilization system automatically prevents unstable movement, resulting in an exceptionally smooth and precise flight experience. Use the Replay feature to record an in-air stunt – hit play and the helicopter will perform the same stunt again and again all on its own. Record up to three different stunts or flights.


BattleViro (mobile) 2012-2013

2016-03-11 16.46.59
2016-03-11 16.47.52

Larry Brown, MD, and Laura Whiteley, MD of Bradley/Hasbro Research Center in Rhode Island contacted me to have our existing Dr. Nano game revised to fit their medical study in encouraging children to take their medication.

ERG, OC3 (iPad) 2013

SMART (iPad) 2013


An interactive educational mobile title for tablets to assist in training of sales personnel customer interaction. Questions and answers are made available based on selected brands to assist in proper information disclosure.

L.E.A.D. – Leadership Excellence and Applied Development (iPad) 2013
An interactive educational mobile title for tablets to assist in training of sales personnel for the pharmaceuticals industry.

Global Game Changers E-Book (mobile) 2012
Winner of Creative Child Magazine’s 2012 PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD (Kids Books Category), Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products 2012, Dr. Toy 10 Best High Tech Products for 2012, Academics Choice Smart Media Award, and the Quality Excellence Design (QED) Seal of Approval, The Global Game Changers interactive app, for iPhone and iPad, brings to life the popular children’s book by mother-daughter writing team, Jan Helson & Rachel Annette Helson, and illustrated by Rachel Annette Helson, by engaging kids to Ignite Good!™ and make the world a better place with Global Girl and her sidekick, Little Big Heart.

This animated app will capture kids’ attention during play, and inspire them to Ignite Good!™ in their day to day lives. Everyone can become a real-life superhero, by being part of The Global Game Changers!


Pradaxa (iPad) 2012


Boehringer Ingelheim contracted an application to show how their drug works to reduce blood clots which can cause strokes. It was an interesting coincidence that my mother experienced a stroke during development and I found the information to be quite useful in my understanding of the drug and my mother’s condition. This application was primarily an interactive video that had scripted points within the video that allowed the viewer to drag the drug through the arteries or other interesting places and get a better understanding of how it works within the body. This was a great implementation of producing what felt like an interactive video to the user apply seamless transitions between real video and interactive elements.

Spiriva (iPad) 2012
You may have seen commercials of people walking with elephants and wondered the connection to a certain drug. Spiriva is a drug to help people with COPD breath better and get that elephant off your chest.

Afatinib (iPad) 2012

Doctor Nano X (mobile) 2010-2011
DrNano shrinks down to enter patients and blast dangerous nano-tech and parasites. This 3D platformer is an adventure game with some of the most unusual environments and game play you will ever see!
In DrNanoX Lite you will guide your player through some of the most “dangerous terrain” imaginable with dual stick controls and even a submarine to blast the enemies to smithereens.


Doctor Nano 3D (mobile) 2010-2011
Dr. Nano, the child doctor genius uses future Nanotechnology to shrink down to the size of a blood cell and treat his patients from the inside-out.


Busulfex (Modified PC) 2010
A company came to us with an idea for a conference booth. They wanted visitors to be able to play a game using a Wii controller over a PC streaming over 2 large screens. The game was to be a fast-paced racer through tunnels representing arteries. Pickup up medication and avoid viruses. At the end… complete a quiz for the chance to win a prize. We pulled off quite the success.

Continued Development

On occasion I’ve had clients come and ask us to take over a project. For one reason or another, they felt that our contribution would benefit.

All Star Weekend (mobile)
Andrew W.K. (mobile)
Bayside Blitz (mobile)
Crown the Empire The Fallout (mobile)
Mayday Face Off (mobile)
MissMayI Rumble (mobile)
Modsun Trippy Hippy (mobile)
MTH (mobile)
New Found Glory (mobile)
Palisades Outcasts (mobile)
Senses Fail (mobile)
TMills Traveling Travis (mobile)
We Came As Romans One True Hope (mobile)
Paradise Fears Road Warriors (mobile)

Web Programming Highlights

Aside from the hundreds of websites I have developed in my career, I have a few highlights from which each of these websites has benefited.

Continuum Content Management System
When I started making websites in the early 2000’s I was either programming straight HTML or trying to work with PHPNuke. PHPNuke was a popular Content Management System modular in design allowing customization and drop-in functionality. The more I used this CMS, the more I understood it’s inner-workings… and the less I enjoyed feeling stuck with whatever they had developed.

My solution was to create my own CMS. Using PHP and MySQL as the base, I developed a completely modular CMS. With extra security layers, I am proud to say it hasn’t been broken in the more than 10 years it’s been online. I’ve had the honor of developing over 100 modules for myself and my clients.

Back when I was still working in the PHPNuke CMS, I developed my own mailer system. I offered it for free to the community and what I got back was an outstanding education in programming.

I took these lessons and used them to develop my own stand alone application for sending out bulk emails.

A few years later, I threw in all the bells and whistles and created a system that could stand up to Constant Contact. However, without the infrastructure of a large workforce behind us, we offered it to large corporations as a brand-able product to use in-house.

My company found a need to gather and review tracking information for websites and at the time we didn’t like anything that was offered online. In developing our own, we have since been able to tailor it for use in applications, games and other software. This tracking has been quite the valuable tool for us in understanding the usage of our apps and how to improve them for our customers.

Don’t mind the funny name. One of my experiments of understanding the web and indexing turned into my recreation of Google… or what I think it could be. I was able to create my own search engine with complete indexing of the internet. Put in a website, and get back all the pages. Check a few boxes and index all pages that link from that first website. If I had the resources (several large servers and databases) I would have seen just how far it could go.


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About Me

In 1998 I acquired a position at Tres Media Group Inc. as an Internet programmer. As an active musician, I have an ear for audio and was able to offer my skills editing and mixing. When I wasn’t busy developing websites, I invested my time learning such tools as Adobe Photoshop and Lightwave for 3D modeling and animation. Later, I would become a partner and vice president.

While with Tres Media Group, I continued working in my family’s business, Guilfoyle Associates, filing personal income tax returns primarily for local residents within the Tri-State area. Our family practice grew to over 250 clients most of which were clergy.

At this time, computer games were becoming more mainstream and I took an interest in how they were developed. After producing some of my own modifications, I released an online compendium of tutorials. Now widely known in the modding community, MODSonline.com offers assistance and education to over 130,000 members for games including Quake, Half-Life and Call of Duty.

MODSonline led to a weekly podcast, MODSonair. Since July 2005, I’ve been hosting and producing a weekly live program about games and technology. To date there are almost 500 shows recorded.

Seeking an authority on game modding, Wiley Publishing Inc. contracted me in 2005 to write a book. In August of 2006, I Published Quake 4 Mods for Dummies. In January 2007, my second book for Wiley, Half-Life 2 Mods for Dummies was also published.

In 2006, I helped to create Mission Critical Studios, a boutique game development studio. With the iPhone gaining popularity as gaming platform, Mission Critical conceived Dr. Nano and Dr. Nano X. As an authorized Nintendo developer and having extensive PC development experience, our plan are is to expand that portfolio as well as that IP.

Tres Media Group has also become well known as top producers of medical animation work for a variety of channels, making us not only highly regarded as an Internet development company, but as a 3D video production company as well.

Contact Me

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Contact info

I have experience with small and large projects taking them from client concept to prototype to the marketplace. Meeting with clients I can guide them in refining their ideas into developing a complete product while making them feel confident. I am very logical and have the ability to foresee potential oversights. Creating work summaries, proposals and game design documents that take away the guesswork of a project. Leading a team and meeting deadlines.

Want to learn more about me or schedule a meeting or call? Contact me below and let’s see what we can do together.

  • 52 Bay Shore Drive, Toms River, NJ 08753
  • 732-995-0035
  • foyleman@gmail.com

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